Birthday surprise

Notizia del: May 9th, 2014

By Nicola Mabbott

Today was no ordinary day. It was Jamie’s 11th birthday. When the alarm clock woke him he was in the middle of a wonderful dream. He was dreaming that his mother had finally given him the one present that he had begged for every day as long as he could remember. A dog.

He sighed as he realised it was only a dream, and promised himself that he wouldn’t be sad on his birthday. Then, as he did every morning, he got dressed as quietly as he could. He carefully positioned a pillow horizontally on his bed, and silently pulled his bed cover over it. He didn’t think that his mother would check on him, but if she did, she would think he was fast asleep with covers pulled over his head.

Jamie looked sadly at the family photograph on his bedside table. It had been taken before the divorce, before his dad had left and gone to work in Madrid, long before mum’s new husband, Martin, had come along and spoilt everything. “My dad would let me have a dog”, he thought angrily.


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