Wake-up call

Notizia del: October 7th, 2014

By Carl Schonbeck

Three friends sat drinking and laughing on the stony Ligurian beach. From a distance they seemed like hobos by the sea but in fact they were English teachers in Milan. The bottle of Bonarda wine was nearly empty and a Sunday evening melancholy began to fill the air.
“Thanks for letting us stay with you Graves”, said Colin to the older man sitting on his left. “After a weekend in Albissola being a vagabond doesn’t seem so bad”, he laughed.

“It was a pleasure to have some company for a change”, replied Graves. He’d moved to Milan from Los Angeles some 10 years earlier to be a writer. He was a good friend.
“Vagabond? Speak for yourself Colin!” exclaimed George, the even younger man to Graves’ left.
“I’m a bohemian”.
“When do you and George sign the contract for your flat?” asked Graves.
“Next Friday afternoon, right after our lessons”, replied Colin. “Home sweet home”.
“Home sweet home”, repeated George.


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